Why it makes sense for Gronk to retire

Rob Gronkowski is one of the most popular players in the NFL.  Forget that; he’s one of the most popular figures on television!  He’sBehind The Curtain TV extremely charismatic, and extremely likable.  From television shows such as Crashletes, to commercials with Nike, Rob Gronkowski is in everyone’s home.  Many people can actually recognize Gronk more from television shows and appearances than they can identify Rob Gronkowski the football player.

Well, Rob Gronkowski, the football player, signed a $54 million contract with the New England Patriots in June of 2012, which, according to 247sports.com, included an $8 million signing bonus, and $13.17 million guaranteed.  Based on a businessinsider.com article from 2015, Gronk, at that time, had made a little over $16.3 million in five seasons, and was able to save all of it!  Meaning, he solely lived off of the endorsement money he made!  Marcellus Wiley, a former NFL Defensive End, and now the soon-to-be-host of ESPN’s television program, SportsNation, once said something that resonated with me, “Play 10 years, earn your money, and retire.”. And you know what?  He’s right!  Think about it.  In regard to finances, Rob Gronkowski is already set for a lifetime.  He need not work another day in his life, and he is financially stable.  While money doesn’t buy happiness, it does buy security and peace of mind, and, if you’re a player in the NFL, it can also buy safety.  With on-going reports of CTE, concussions and the dangers of hits, think about all the hits Rob Gronkowski takes every time he’s on the field!  In the AFC Championship Game, Gronk was knocked out of that game due to a concussion!  And while Gronk is not really known as a blocker at his position, unlike most Tight Ends, he finds himself on routes for short passes (check-downs), as well as long pass patterns.  He’s being used by the Patriots almost unlike any other Tight End in the history of the NFL  That speaks volumes to his ability, which is simply amazing, but at what cost to him?

In life, we all make sacrifices.  Some of us choose making more money rather than being happy in a job.  Some of us choose to spend less time at home in order to make more money.  In the case of Rob Gronkowski, he has chosen more money over safety…at least for the short term.  But even the short term can have severe penalties for Gronkowski, when it comes to his health.


If not football, what should Gronk do?

Behind The Curtain TV

If Gronk does choose to retire, which I think he should at this stage of his life (28 years old), he has an unlimited number of options.  Thanks to an amazing personality, Gronk has been on television countless times.  Just check out his IMDB page to see the entire list!  My guess is that he would join WWE and do so simply for fun, while he continues to be a special analyst for the NFL, and even play roles in movies and TV shows.  Financially, Rob Gronkowski can step away from the NFL and live just fine.  He will be loved by millions still, and probably gain even more popularity, which will lead to even more opportunities outside of football.  Of course, for Patriots fans, and other football fans, that means having Gronk out of the NFL and no longer playing.  It may sound like a bitter pill to swallow, but to anyone that says he shouldn’t retire, I would consider that selfish.



Will Gronk Retire?

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