Why Being on the Show Makes Sense

This page is all about explaining why being on Behind The Curtain TV makes so much sense for your business, your branding, and giving yourself the very best opportunity at maximizing your advertising dollars!


1:  It's a 15-minute show!

We all know the attention span of                  people is very small.  That said, being a part of a 15-minute episode is a sure way to always be seen!


2:  You get all the footage and project files!

We aren't the type of company that's going to withhold your items.  After your project is complete, we give you all of the footage filmed as well as everything that went into the making of your segment.  We even give you the timeline we worked from in Final Cut Pro X, so that if you take your business elsewhere to do future videos, it's a dramatic cost savings for you!


3:  You get the HD Television Version as well as the Flash Video Version.

Many people don't realize it, but there's a huge difference between an HD Television Version and a Flash Video Version.  A Television Version is good for playing your segment on computers and on DVDs, but the Flash Video Version allows you to post your segment on all accepting social media sites, YouTube, and even host it on your website, which gives you an endless amount of viewership, which means a healthier ROI!


4:  The proper use of SEO & Online Marketing!

Many people don't yet quite understand the importance and power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  We utilize SEO on every episode, which means, when we combine Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions on your episode, and then you connect with that episode, you are utilizing SEO, and allowing people whom have never heard of you, to find you quicker and easier on major search engines, such as Google!


5:  Behind The Curtain TV only airs on YouTube

Our program prides itself on helping smaller and medium-size companies compete with larger companies.  A great way of doing this is by airing only on YouTube.  Forget about air times, forget about airing in only certain areas, forget about airing to a certain number of households!  YouTube's audience is global!  You are literally able to reach people anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.  By utilizing proper SEO, airing on YouTube can draw more viewers than airing on any television station!


Our Pledge To You!

We believe strongly in building relationships with participants of Behind The Curtain TV, and helping them succeed.  Smiles on faces mean more to us than anything else, and that's why we believe in full and complete transparency at all times.  We give you one point person throughout the entirety of your project, and you always have an individual you can hold accountable.

Ultimately, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure accuracy, positivity, and the greatest opportunity for success!

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