Why “Behind The Curtain TV” Makes Advertising Sense

Each year, companies try their hand at different ways of advertising.  Some successful, and some leaving companies with a bad taste in their mouth.  In most cases, I, sadly, hear about the latter rather than the success stories.  Let’s face it, spending advertising dollars is usually the same as gambling.  I understand there are risks in this world – I do my risks in the stock market, but risks should be able to be mitigated.  The companies with success in advertising are usually the companies with millions and billions of dollars to spend.  But what happens when you’re a smaller to medium-size company, and you simply can’t afford to spend millions or billions of dollars on advertising?  How do you compete?  Is there a way to compete with the larger companies?  Is there a way to not get taken advantage of?

That’s the other issue.  So many companies out there are just in business to basically steal money from companies looking for ways to advertise successfully.  Does it need to cost an arm and a leg to advertise?  No way!  Does it need to be so difficult to find an honest company that only believes in being fully transparent?  Believe me, I have asked myself that many times before, depending on the day and the type of company I need to deal with in my own personal life!  Add in the fact that so many of these companies don’t communicate internally, don’t communicate well with clients, and don’t care about the success or failures of their clients, and you end up with people being nothing but unhappy.  Let’s face it; you have employees whom have families and whom are depending on the paychecks they earn.  Their depending on company success.  You are also depending on company success, and you are also depending on your paycheck.  As a business owner, you have so much to worry about on a daily basis that it can just be overwhelming!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great companies out there, whom still operate in a “mom and pop” way, and actually do care about people and companies, and bringing success to companies, but those types of companies are far and few between, and it’s just sad that our world has become that way.

That is why we created Behind The Curtain TV.  It is a brand new television program, brought to you by the award-winning producers at How 2 Media.  The coolest thing about Behind The Curtain TV is how it truly provides companies with the best opportunity to succeed, when it comes to spending advertising dollars wisely!  And don’t be mistaken; we actually do care about your success!

The simple fact is, if you are successful, then we are successful.  It’s really that simple.  For instance, if you have a great experience with us, and we are totally honest and transparent with you, odds are, you are going to say nice things about us, want to do future work with us, and you will want to tell others about us.  If we let you down, you’re not going to like us very much, and our reputation goes down the drain.  Nothing against drains – they’re very useful – but we just don’t want our reputation going down one.  We are a company made of human beings that work for a living, pay bills, support spouses, children, parents, and grandparents, and we rely on a solid reputation.  In other words, we’re not too big to care, like other companies.  Instead, we put everything we have into everything we do, every single day, in order to maintain an amazing reputation, and that all starts with always going the extra mile for clients.

Behind The Curtain TV only airs on YouTube.  Rather than relying on airing at certain times, trying to guess at showing your segment to your specific demographic like other marketing companies do, and instead of airing in only certain countries, airing on YouTube allows for your segment to reach a global audience!  As long as people have internet access, they can see our show, and they can see your segment.  But the benefits to airing on YouTube go well beyond just a global audience.  Thanks to our understanding and utilization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), airing on YouTube actually can help a company rise in the rankings on major search engines, such as Google and Bing!

Additionally, everything you get from us is real.  By that, I mean that we don’t try and hide information from you, we don’t try to fool you, we don’t try to use smoke and mirrors.  Instead, we believe in full transparency at all times!  You get one point person

throughout the entirety of your project, and that one person is always available to you, to answer your questions, be there for your concerns, and to help give you helpful tips for your segment.  When you call us, you get a real person to speak to – your one point person.  And we are here for you whether news is good, bad, or indifferent.  We believe strongly in empathy, and we treat you how we would want to be treated.

Ultimately, we create a segment for our clients, at a price point that allows small and medium size companies to fully participate and compete with the companies that waste their money by spending millions and billions of dollars!  We do everything with a hand-in-hand technique, and allow our segment participants to have their wants and needs met, in every step of the process.  We DO NOT operate like other video production agencies!  We DO NOT template projects.  We DO NOT create a video to OUR liking; we create it to YOUR liking.  We also do our clients a favor by playing the role of “devil’s advocate”, and helping you understanding why you want to market in certain ways.  If you disagree with our views, that’s perfectly fine, and you tell us so.  It really is as simple as it sounds.

We also provide you with all of the raw footage and project files that went into the making of your segment.  So; whether footage was used in the segment or not, you receive it, and can use it in any manner you see effective.  It’s important to understand, we aren’t just creating a segment for you, we are creating a branding opportunity for your company, and creating a video that should last you for at least the next 5 years.  Let’s face it, if you’re growing, or planning on growing, you’ll likely want to create another video after 5 years.  When we provide you the project files at the end of your project, we also provide you the timeline we worked from in Final Cut Pro X.  That is something that no other video production agency does, as far as I know.  Even if there are other companies that do such a thing, it’s not common, and we are all about being outside the box, and providing what other companies simply don’t, or what others may charge for.  The benefit to you receiving the timeline of your project means, even if you take your files and timeline to another company in the future, you can simply provide it to them at a tremendous cost savings!  Think about it!  You are giving them all of the files we filmed, and the timeline we worked from, which means everything is 100% organized in folders, and is color corrected.  Have you ever had a video production company do all this for you???!!!

I can tell you, having been working for How 2 Media for 10 years, Behind The Curtain TV is our effort at helping small and medium size companies compete with larger companies.  For far too long, we have seen small and medium size companies, whom truly deserve a chance to succeed, fail because of advertising costs, fail because of the lack of knowledge in SEO, and fail because of the larger companies and their millions and billions of dollars.  No more! Now it’s about helping the small and medium size companies, and giving every company in the world, a chance to succeed in advertising.  So go to our website, check us out, see the amazing videos we can put together, start to envision what we can do for you, and reach out to us!  Let’s put a smile on your face, and let’s get your company the recognition it truly deserves!

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