With LeBron in LA, the NBA Playoffs Will Change

Now that LeBron James has officially become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA Playoffs will be changing as we know them.  As it has always been, the NBA Playoffs have had a format where the top 8 teams of each conference make the playoffs, even if a team from the West has […]

Deal With It: The Minnesota Twins Got a Taste of Their Own Medicine on Sunday!

Whether it’s little league baseball or Major League Baseball, the game has so many “unwritten rules” that it will make you nauseous. To get straight to the point, the Minnesota Twins were beating the Baltimore Orioles 7-0 in the ninth inning on Sunday afternoon in Baltimore; the Twins had allowed just 1 hit to the […]

What if the Cavs traded LeBron James?

Cavaliers is about their age, which, according to basketball.realgm.com, is the oldest in the league, with an average of 30.1.  And all the talk surrounding LeBron James is about where he’ll go after this year with the Cavs. It’s no secret that LeBron James is among the best players in the NBA, if not thee […]