With LeBron in LA, the NBA Playoffs Will Change

Now that LeBron James has officially become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, the NBA Playoffs will be changing as we know them.  As it has always been, the NBA Playoffs have had a format where the top 8 teams of each conference make the playoffs, even if a team from the West has […]

Why Losing is a Better Gift than Winning

In my opinion, losing is a better gift that winning, especially when it comes to children in sports.  I know…I know…this sounds crazy, but stay with me here and gain some perspective on this. When a child wins, they are on top of the world.  Every child does deserve to feel what it’s like to win, […]

Why “Behind The Curtain TV” Makes Advertising Sense

Each year, companies try their hand at different ways of advertising.  Some successful, and some leaving companies with a bad taste in their mouth.  In most cases, I, sadly, hear about the latter rather than the success stories.  Let’s face it, spending advertising dollars is usually the same as gambling.  I understand there are risks […]

Deal With It: The Minnesota Twins Got a Taste of Their Own Medicine on Sunday!

Whether it’s little league baseball or Major League Baseball, the game has so many “unwritten rules” that it will make you nauseous. To get straight to the point, the Minnesota Twins were beating the Baltimore Orioles 7-0 in the ninth inning on Sunday afternoon in Baltimore; the Twins had allowed just 1 hit to the […]

As it turns out, your Facebook opinion really doesn’t matter

Every day, millions of people go on to their Facebook pages and unleash their fury.  Some think it’s important we know they have a life, some think it’s important we know what food they’re eating, and some go on simply to look to get into arguments.  Before you start taking this too personally, I am […]

What if the Cavs traded LeBron James?

Cavaliers is about their age, which, according to basketball.realgm.com, is the oldest in the league, with an average of 30.1.  And all the talk surrounding LeBron James is about where he’ll go after this year with the Cavs. It’s no secret that LeBron James is among the best players in the NBA, if not thee […]

Behind The Curtain TV

The Message of Marketing

Many times, I will sit up at night watching television, mainly sports, and judging commercial spots. One of the downfalls to working in television is judging the work of others. Many times I will sit on my couch and wonder why marketing companies, and the companies they represent, select the storyboards they do. For instance, […]